Who We Are & What We’re Doing


The Big Picture:
¡Muchas Glassias! is a glass recycling service in Nashville whose proceeds support a beloved South American orphanage called Casa de Amor. ¡Muchas Glassias! began in 2012 when its founders returned to their hometown after living and working at Casa de Amor for almost three years. After moving back to Nashville, they wanted to share with their neighbors more information on Casa de Amor and on the children they were privileged to take care of there. Today ¡Muchas Glassias! serves two purposes: to benefit the local community by recycling our neighbors’ glass and also to support the children and staff of Casa de Amor with our proceeds.

More About Casa de Amor:
Casa de Amor, “House of Love,” is a series of four children’s homes in Cochabamba, Bolivia. In this town alone thousands of children have been abandoned or rescued from abusive/neglectful family situations and placed in children’s homes. Casa de Amor works tirelessly to care for these children until they can be permanently placed with families. CDA is made up of four houses of children ranging in age from newborn to ten years. The homes are divided based on age, gender, and special needs, and at any given time the organization houses approximately 35-45 children.
In 2009, ¡Muchas Glassias! founders Kristin Garman and Savannah Sielbeck had the chance to move to Bolivia to volunteer as nurses for Casa de Amor. Working with the CDA staff to meet each child’s daily physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, they can speak firsthand of the many lives that Casa de Amor’s work has impacted. With the opportunity to take care of these children day after day, it did not take long to fall in love with each one of the kids living there. They are thankful to be able to stay in close contact with the children and staff they love, and their goal is to provide as much support to them as possible from Nashville!
To learn more about Casa De Amor, check out their webpage here: http://www.casadeamor.org/

How We’re Helping:
Thanks to email and Skype, communication with the CDA children, caregivers, and administration is frequent. We also are blessed with ongoing opportunities to return to Bolivia to continue building the relationships that we have there and to prioritize/assess needs that we can help meet. Over the past year, the generosity of ¡Muchas Glassias! clients has met a variety of needs at Casa de Amor, from baby formula to refrigerators to Christmas gifts. We promise to keep our clients updated with the specific ways that your donations are used in Bolivia each quarter. ¡Muchas Glassias! has the potential to bless Casa de Amor in countless ways, and we hope you’ll consider joining us. Your participation will support both a clean environment in our hometown and the people we consider family in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Please check out our “Thanks To You” page to see where your donations have gone over the past year.

2015 Changes to your Services
Click here to read more!

Join us!
Getting involved with ¡Muchas Glassias! is easy. To participate, follow these simple steps:
1. Click on the link below to provide us with your information. You can set up a monthly auto-pay here, too!
2. Leave your glass outside to be picked up once a month. Where you live will determine which day we pick up in your neighborhood. Currently, ¡Muchas Glassias! serves in Green Hills, West Meade, and 12 South neighborhoods.
3. Donate at least $14/month to support the children who live at Casa de Amor. (Check out the “Thanks to You” page on our website to see where your money goes throughout the year!)

How Else Can You Help?
If you’re interested in glass pick-up coming to your neighborhood, we are looking for ways to grow! To contact us, click the link below or email us at 12southrecycles@gmail.com. We would love to provide you with more information. Additionally, we’re always open ears to any other ideas that our neighbors have when it comes to getting involved. We’d love to hear from you.

¡Muchas Glassias!


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